EZ Pet Check is a Cost-Sharing Membership Network that gives everyone the ability to care for their fur families. EZ Pet Check is a Low-Cost Pet Insurance Alternative that covers the expected and the unexpected. With EZ Pet Check, Members pay a Monthly Fee which gives them access to the Cost-Sharing Network.

Unlike insurance, EZ Pet Check gives you the freedom to care for your pet in the manner you choose to be best. Insurance is designed to cover the unexpected expenses that arise from accidents and significant illnesses while still providing the company with a decent profit margin.

We didn't start EZ Pet Check with profit in mind; We started EZ Pet Check with you, the average pet owner in mind.
Less than 4% of the Membership Fees are used by EZ Pet Check to pay for our expenses. The remaining 96% is returned to Members just like you through the Cost-Sharing Network.

Each Member is given equal access to the Cost-Sharing Pool. This Cost-Sharing Pool gives all Members access to the funds needed to care for their pets and provide them with the best life possible. All claims submitted are processed as quickly as possible, with most claims submitted being processed in
less than 24 hours to ensure that you receive your reimbursement as soon as possible.

EZ Pet Check is designed to help all families and ensure that they can provide the best life possible for their beloved pets for years to come.
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